“Caring about your immediate and future financial needs”

  • Why The Beard Guy

    The Beard Guy helps you get solutions to your personal and business financial needs faster, by eliminating many of the frustrations associated with seeking out and arranging appointments with banks or professionals advisors.

  • How does it work?

    By using hands on experience established with over two decades of Retail, Banking and Commercial Finance knowledge, coupled with a wealth of professional contacts developed in the financial services industry, The Beard Guy will provide you with direct introductions and access to an established, tried and tested, network of people who want to help and do business with you.

  • What are the results?

    The power of a facilitating professional introduction through The Beard Guy can help you grow your personal wealth but more importantly help you create the routes to your goals.

Our Services

  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    The Beard Guy has been established upon the foundation of high quality customer service and exceptional expertise. The Beard Guy understands the importance of financial commitment and how it ultimately has an impact on you, your family, or your business in some way. By enabling The Beard Guy to look after your immediate and future financial needs, you can rest assure that he will build, and nurture trusted business relationships.


    Our Mission

    The Beard Guy is committed to caring about your immediate and future financial needs. As well as helping you find quicker solutions for both your personal, and business requirements, he prides himself in building long-term working relationships.

  • Why Choose The Beard Guy

    The Beard Guy boasts over 20 years of commercial, retail and financial service experience and knowledge. As an individual, he is well-known for his friendly, outgoing and accommodating personality. As well as continually looking for opportunities to do business with others, The Beard Guy is also passionate about creating ‘business communities’, and helping his associates enhance their contact base and profiles.