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Winning Excellence in Finance Award

at The Signature Awards 2016

March 2016 saw a great start to the first quarter of the new year. I was shortlisted as a finalist for Excellence in Finance and Excellence in Banking at The Signature Awards held at the Edgbaston Stadium.

It proved to be an overwhelming evening with me winning The Signature Excellence in Finance Award in front of a room filled with successful professionals and business owners from all sectors.

“This award has given me the opportunity to expand my business operation by focusing on helping others to find easier routes to finance and making connections with likeminded people who want to do business together.”

I hope to continue to work with the community and grow with the wonderful support and help from my friends and colleagues.

For more information about The Signature Awards: www.thesignatureawards.co.uk/2016/

If you missed the Signature Awards 2016 please click the link below to see the fabulous photos by Jas Sansi.

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