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Whether you’re a small sole trader needing to purchase a new vehicle or a large limited company looking to replace your machinery, The Beard Guy can help arrange the best possible asset finance.

The Beard Guy can help your business not only to raise money to buy equipment and assets but also to release capital from the assets you already own through available asset finance solutions.

If you identify with any of these, we can help:

  • You need to purchase equipment, machinery, technology or vehicles to improve your business and your profits
  • You need to upgrade your equipment to win new contracts
  • You need to invest in your infrastructure to keep up with, or pull ahead of, the competition
  • You want to lease rather than buy
  • You have assets you own which you wish to refinance

Perhaps most important, you want the best rates and the most appropriate terms on the market…well that’s where The Beard Guy comes in.


Hire purchase
This is the most traditional form of asset finance when you want to own the asset outright. Interest charges can be either on a fixed or variable rate profile. The finance term can be structured to suit individual company cash flow requirements from 12-84 months and a residual (balloon) payment can be introduced to lower the monthly finance repayment.

Finance lease
Different from Hire purchase in that ownership never passes to the named customer/hirer in the finance agreement. The finance company effectively owns the asset, which is then rented to you over a predetermined period of time. At the end of the agreed finance period, you typically have the option to either retain the use of the asset by paying a ‘Secondary Period Rental’, sell the goods to a third party (on behalf of the finance company) or return the asset(s) to the finance company.

Operating lease
An Operating lease arrangement allows you to enjoy the usage of a vehicle or piece of equipment without incurring some of the risks of ownership such as depreciation. The funding provider will take all the risk of the future value of the asset. This enables you the full use of the asset throughout the agreement with the added benefit of a built-in residual value, so you benefit by reducing your monthly rentals.

By an introduction to an Asset Finance specialist we will help you decide on the best option and allowing you to secure the best possible deal in the market to allow your business to purchase the assets that it requires on the best possible terms.

Refinance existing assets to raise funds
If you need an injection of cash for any reason, perhaps to pay or part-pay a loan or finance agreement or to pay for an expansion to your business, through the panel of professional partners we can help you to raise money through refinancing your existing assets.

Your capital could be freed up immediately, offering you a way to generate finance quickly and efficiently. Expert advisors can help you to identify assets that you can use and advise on the most appropriate deals and lenders in the market.

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Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up on repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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