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  • The Beard Guy

    The Beard Guy helps you get solutions to your personal and business financial needs faster, by eliminating many of the frustrations associated with seeking out and arranging appointments with banks or professionals advisors.

    By using hands on experience established with over two decades of Retail, Banking and Commercial Finance knowledge, coupled with a wealth of professional contacts developed in the financial services industry, The Beard Guy will provide you with direct introductions and access to an established, tried and tested, network of people who want to help and do business with you.

  • The Guy Behind The Beard?

    The Beard Guy is rapidly increasing in popularity, and with its distinctive logo and branding, this comes as little surprise. Networkers have often been heard exclaiming ‘So you are the Beard Guy!’… But who exactly is he?

    Allow us to introduce you to Chan Nandhray- also known as ‘The Beard Guy’. He has swiftly established himself as a strong, intermediary business owner, with a focus to deliver the highest quality of customer service. Chan’s greatest passion lies within supporting the growth of businesses and individuals. His approachable nature often shines through during networking events, where he is greeted by various professionals, all wanting to work alongside him.

    But ‘why would they want to do business with a newbie?’ we hear you ask.

    When it comes to the financial industry, Chan is far from a novice. He in fact, boasts over 20 years of commercial, retail and financial service experience and knowledge. As an individual, Chan is well-known for his friendly, outgoing and accommodating personality. As well as continually looking for opportunities to do business with others, he is also passionate about creating ‘business communities’, and helping his associates enhance their contact base and profiles.

    Such enthusiasm for his work, has not been unheeded by major banking counterparts and competitors, including HSBC, Natwest, RBS, Barclays, Santander or Virgin and Building Societies based Nationwide (Coventry, Yorkshire, Skipton, West Bromwich, and Leeds). Chan has even found himself in the middle of a ‘headhunt recruitment frenzy’, due to his respectable reputation and wide network of connections. This alone, has been a valuable contributor towards the establishment of The Beard Guy, as Chan has gained the respect and attention of key financial institutions and brokers, all of whom are keen to work with him.

    It was during the merge of Lloyds Bank with TSB, where Chan’s career kick started as a Back Office Processor. Not long after, he established himself as one of the youngest Branch Managers within the region, before continuing on with his remarkable journey in corporate banking. During this time, Chan embraced yet another significant management role, as a leader of the West Midlands Asian Corporate strategy. This is where he exercised his skills in both commercial, and business banking, as well as utilising his extensive knowledge of retail for the benefit of his personal banking needs.

    Through daily account management of some high net worth clients, Chan’s portfolio continued to strengthen. He can now be identified as a key influencer in the market, as well as a businessman with a reputation of being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and competent.

    By combining his refined skills as an engaging networker with an exceptionally professional status, and a number of well-deserved awards, Chan has now committed himself to helping others achieve growth through facilitated introductions, via his panel of proficient partners.

    It is this ambition and drive, that draws others towards The Beard Guy.

  • Awards

    • Signature Awards – Excellence in Finance Winner 2016
    • Birmingham Awards Nominee for Small Business of the Year 2016
    • Midlands Business & Community, Charity Business Finalist – Business Start-up of the Year 2016
    • Inspire Awards Finalist 2015
    • Outstanding Performing Senior Branch Manager 2009/2010
    • Outstanding Performing Senior Branch Manager 2009/2010


Our Core Values

    • Lead by Example

      The Beard Guy, has swiftly established itself as strong intermediary introducer business, focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service and a quest to really wanting to help businesses and individuals grow.

    • Make Finance Fun

      We pledge to make the world of finance fun, but we also have desires to grow this well-received brand beyond finance; we are considering expanding into both the fashion and educational sectors in the future.